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Anupama On Starlife – Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update


Anupama On Starlife - Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update

Anupama On Starlife – Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update

Vanraj walks method angrily saying Anu ought to do no matter she needs.

Baa tries to cease him and tells Anu that Vanraj is correct, its necessary to cage that nagin/Rakhi, if she will do this then its positive, she can be answerable for no matter occurs; she was a spouse, daughter-in-law/DIL, mom and now turned mother-in-law/MIL, therefore her obligations elevated 4 fold.

Anu is amazed to listen to MIL. Baa says it sounds straightforward to be MIL, however very troublesome to handle; she was managing between her husband and son and now she has to handle between her son and DIL, now she has to share her son along with her DIL and her DIL will present her proper on her son and he’ll comply with his spouse; she has to tolerate all this as she has to maintain the household united; even when she loves her DIL greater than a daughter, she can be known as MIL; even she had develop into MIL from a mom and is aware of all this; her son has made her MIL immediately.

Anu smiles reminiscing telling Kinjal tha tshe needs to be DIL’s pal, Baa’s recommendation, and so forth. She prays god to carry her hand in new journey of a brand new relationship, reminds that she needed to develop into a mom than MIL.

Kinjal cries and tells Toshu that everybody are upset due to them. Toshu asks her to loosen up as they didn’t have every other choice. Pakhi suggests her to not fear as they already married. Samar tells Pakhi that she just isn’t understanding the seriousness of concern, however Kinjal shouldn’t fear as she has her MIL to deal with points.

Anu enters saying maa/mom and never MIL. She thinks youngsters have made a mistake, however she wants to clarify and deal with them as a substitute of scolding them presently. She tells them that they made a mistake, however what’s the use after making a mistake; the trail they took just isn’t straightforward, however after they have chosen it, they’ve stroll by way of bearing the hurdles or else they received’t have the ability to attain anybody; its straightforward to interrupt a coronary heart, however not straightforward to reunite it; they should persuade expensive ones whom they angered; they’re couple now and never youngsters, couple want to grasp that if a struggle is with themselves, they should win, but when its with household, they need to lose; they should comply with all of the obligations as a son and DIL; they should regain belief of members of the family, not solely this but additionally Rakhi and Pramod’s; they are going to be completely happy provided that mother and father and complete household blesses them.

They each contact her toes. She blesses and hugs them emotionally, says she can be all the time with them of their each step, they could achieve success or not, however we collectively will attempt.

Baa vents out her anger in entrance of Bapuji says since Vanraj left dwelling, she didn’t get out home to disregard neighbor’s questions, however Rakhi introduced overtly and everybody have been recording movies and would have circulated it, they can’t present their face to anybody now.

Bapuji says she is nervous about her dignity, they have been in serious trouble, good Toshu and Kinjal returned dwelling on time or else Anu would have been in jail. Baa says this relationship is troublesome for the reason that starting.

Bapuji says she ought to deal with the difficulty as a substitute of exhibiting anger, when she has fallen in a river, she must be taught swimming. Baa says her world is drowned; she wasn’t completely happy when her bahu got here and even now when her bahu’s bahu got here; storm has not stopped but, it is going to include full pressure, this was only a gush of air.

Rakhi munches cake to destress herself murmuring she must have fun her daughter’s marriage; destressing for her means destroyal, Anupama ought to watch for her assault.

Anu prepaers kheer pondering she is going to feed sweets to everybody. Kinjal walks in calling her mummy. Anu performs her nazar and says 25 years it was related morning and a bahu known as her MIL related, then it was her and now its Kinjal; when devi’s new idol arrives dwelling, they respect it; a devi has entered maa Annapurna’s temple/kitchen, she is going to respect her with folded palms. Kinjal asks what’s she doing.

Anu says she is a shadow of maa Annapurna and MIL ought to salute her as soon as. She feeds her dry fruit and says if she needs to work or examine, she has to carry out ritual equally; kitchen just isn’t her world, her world may be very large along with her workplace, her research, her husband, and so forth, she ought to comply with every accountability by coronary heart. Kinjal says she knew she is sweet, however didn’t know she is so cool.

Anu items her bangles as shagun and says she has solely this, however guarantees to present her one thing quickly; Baa gifted these bangles to her and she or he is gifting it to Kinjal. Kinjal thanks her and says she can’t be too good like her, however will attempt.

Anu pampers her. Baa will get offended seeing their bonding and feedback halwa won’t be candy with sweets talks however with sugar. Anu asks Kinjal to wish god’s photograph first after which remaining rituals earlier than beginning cooking every morning and teaches her to arrange halwa.

Kinjal finishes getting ready halwa and serves it in bowls. Anu asks her to serve it to Kanhaji/god first after which household. Kinjal follows her.

Bapuji walks to them smelling halwa, however stops seeing Anu. Anu says immediately is Kinjal’s first kitchen session, so he can have some. Bapuji takes bowl from Kinjal and offers her shagun. Anu indicators Kinjal to serve it to Baa.

Baa yells that earlier bahu used to be taught cooking from her mom’s home, however now they simply are available in with out sanskars, Kinjal is following her mom and carrying sleeveless garments. Baa asks her to forgive Kinjal and settle for halwa made by her. Baa yells Kinjal’s mom threw chillies on them and now she got here to serve halwa. She continues yelling.

Baa continues insulting Kinjal. Anu indicators Baa to please relax. Baa asks her to not sign her and says she let Kinjal inside dwelling for Anu’s happiness on Pakhi’s birthday, they gave her love, Kinjal lured Toshu and married him with out their permission, her mom as a substitute of slapping her introduced police to our home.

Kinjal asks if she is going to insult her repeatedly for her mother’s mistake; marriage was her and Toshu’s mutual determination, then how is it solely her mistake. Baa yells she its not even 24 hours since she got here entered dwelling and is arguing along with her.

Bapuji interferes, however Baa warns him to not intrude between ladies, she is chatting with her bahu. Kinjal asks why is she scolding mummy. Baa says its her proper as a saas/MIL and as a grand MIL she is going to scold even Kinjal. Anu requests to scold her and spare Kinjal as its her first day in the home.

Baa yells that MIL and DIL duo are planning towards her. Kinjal asks her to not stretch the difficulty. Baa says its her mom Rakhi’s nature, not her. Kinjal warns her to not drag her mom between. Baa shouts why shouldn’t she as Rakhi is cause behind all the issues. She warns Anu to make her bahu perceive that she is senior right here and might scold each her DIL and grand DIL.

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Kinjal walks away crying and saying she didn’t do something, even then Baa scolded her. Anu asks Bapuji what ought to she do when she can’t clarify her MIL and her DIL just isn’t that mature to grasp. Baa says when its troublesome to clarify anybody, she ought to clarify herself; he is aware of its troublesome to be a DIL and MIL directly, however she has to in some way. Anu says she is going to.

Kinjal cries in her room whereas Toshu tries to console her. Anu walks in and says her new DIL was scolded for the primary time, she additionally felt unhealthy when Baa scolded her first and she or he didn’t have anybody to console her then, Baa just isn’t unhealthy by coronary heart, new relationships prick and so new garments, quickly she is going to get habituated to it, later she is going to understand the great thing about relationship.

She asks her to cheer up and apologize Baa and let her and Bapuji deal with Baa then, however earlier than that she has to apologize her mom Rakhi for hurting her emotions. Toshu says Rakhi will… Anu says a mom ought to by no means be damage and asks Kinjal to prepare quickly, if her mom sees her crying face, she is going to touch upon her, mimics Rakhi. Kinjal smiles.

Vanraj feels headache in workplace. Kavya walks in and shouts why didn’t he decide her name since final night time. He asks to not shout as he’s having headache. She asks if he spent night time at Anu’s place as she sees her garments modified.

He provides her lodge and garments’ payments and says he had gone dwelling within the morning for Toshu as he eloped with Kinjal and married her, Rakhi Dave introduced police dwelling and created numerous drama, now she won’t hold quiet. Kavya asks him to relax as he’s already having headache. Vanraj says this headache won’t go away simply as Rakhi will attempt her to make their life a hell, he advised his household to ship Kinjal again, however Anu needs to develop into mom India and Toshu is chanting Kinju child, Rakhi will both break their marriage or take Kinjal away beneath their nostril, Toshu will go behind her and develop into ghar jamai, then Anu will understand what he meant.

Anu takes Kinjal to Rakhi’s home. Kinjal says allow us to go dwelling as she may be very afraid. Anu asks to not fear, previous relationships won’t finish with new relationships, its her mother and father’ home and so they can’t be offended on her for lengthy, Rakhi is a mom and can relax quickly, she is along with her anyhow.

At dwelling, Baa yells that Anu is attempting to place her hand in snake burrow, Rakhi got here right here and insulted them, however Anu went to rub her nostril there. Bapuji says bahu is aware of if one doesn’t bend, relationship will finish; Dave household is their kin and Toshu’s in-laws, its necessary to clear the variations.

Baa asks what’s the want for that, there could be solely arguments. Bapuji says when she turned MIL, she did what she felt proper and now let bahu do what she feels proper. Baa says there’s a distinction between proper and pondering it as proper. Mamaji asks her to not fear, he’ll clarify them. Baa hopes bahu doesn’t get into hassle.

Mamaji asks to not fear, he’ll converse to neighbor canine Tommy’s proprietor. Baa says they’re speaking about Kinjal’s mother and father. Mamaji says sorry. Baa says she is aware of there could be downside for positive.

Anu nervously tries to ring bell, however Kinjal stops her and pleads to take h er from there. Rakhi opens door and angrily seems to be at them. Pramod tells Rakhi that daughter got here dwelling after marriage for the primary time with samdhan ji, allow us to greet them in. Rakhi shouts no. On the opposite facet, Kavya informs Vanraj that Anirudh is staying in Rakhi’s enterprise head’s flat. Vanraj says enterprise head just isn’t a pal however a CCTV/spy, why did she ship Anirudh there.

Kavya says she didn’t have every other choice to ship Anirudh out of her flat, she has determined to return Anirudh’s cash which he invested in flat as that’s the solely approach to get rid off him till divorce; she needs to peacefully dwell with Vanraj even its a rented home. He says allow us to deal with Anirudh first. He will get Baa’s name. Kavya asks him to go to his dwelling first after which come to her later. Vanraj meets Baa who informs that Anu with Kinjal went to fulfill Rakhi. He says concern will exaggerate as a substitute and Rakhi will create an even bigger drama now.

Rakhi tells Kinjal can’t enter in till she performs her aarti and tells Anu that she didn’t need Kinjal to be Shah household’s bahu and tried her greatest to cease them, however since destiny is written and can’t be modified, so its higher she change h herself.

Kinjal will get completely happy listening to that. Anu says she advised there may be love hidden even in mother or father’s love. Rakhi smilingly performs Kinjal’s aarti and hugs her.

Kinjal thanks her, Rakhi cries and apologizes for not understanding that Kinjal’s happiness is with Paritosh, she ought to have dealt with concern calmly as a substitute of making a drama as she received’t get something with drama. She then apologizes Anu.

Anu hugs her and says allow us to overlook what occurred, thanks her for forgiving Toshu and Kinjal. Kinjal fortunately hugs Pramod. Rakhi’s facial expressions modifications.

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