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Bridal Material On Zee World – Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update

Bridal Material On Zee World - Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update

Bridal Material On Zee World – Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update

Vivan informs Meera that he discovered a watch donor for her. Meera says donor is so form and god-send’s angel for her, she needed to satisfy her one. Vivan says donor’s sister has despatched a present field for her and goes away for some work. Meera feels donor’s objects in field, his scarf, watch and picture and thinks she is going to see his picture tomorrow. Dolly brings milk for her. Vivan returns and asks if she checked her items.

Meera holding donor’s picture says she is going to see donor’s face after seeing Vivan’s face tomorrow after surgical procedure. Vivan says even he desires to see donor’s face and extends hand to select picture when picture flies away. They hear canine crying. Dolly says it’s inauspicious/abshagun. Vivan asks Meera to take relaxation now and leaves.

Subsequent morning, Vivan returns to Meera’s room with tea and says they are going to meet donor’s sister tonight earlier than her surgical procedure. Physician calls him and informs that donor’s sister goes out of metropolis, so if he can meet her proper now. Vivan informs Meera. Meera says she is going to go to hospital along with her mother and father and anyhow there’ll sequence of presurgery assessments, so he can meet donor’s sister and return earlier than her surgical procedure begins. She asks to return donor’s objects to donor’s sister.

Vivan drives automobile to satisfy donor’s sister. Physician calls and informs that donor’s sister already left and can meet him another time. Vivan calls Meera and informs that he’s returning to hospital. He checks donor’s objects and reminisces to gifting it to a lady. He then finds pictures and panics this can’t occur and he ought to cease surgical procedure.

He speeds automobile towars hospital, however will get caught in a site visitors jam, asks inspetor what is occurring. Inspector informs a bridge has collapsed and autos can’t transfer forward. In hospital, physician checks Meera and takes her to OT. Meera says she desires to see Vivan’s face first after bandage is opened.

Vivan runs in direction of hospital considering his previous can’t hang-out him. Meera’s surgical procedure begins, her BP raises. Physician says usually this doesn’t occur throughout surgical procedure. Dolly prays god that Meera’s operation ought to end with none hurdles.

Vivan reaches hospital. Physician finishes surgical procedure and congratulates Meera. Vivan meets Dolly and asks the place is Meera. Dolly says she is in OT. Physician comes out of OT and informs surgical procedure was profitable. After someday, medical doctors take away Meera’s bandage.

Bridal Material On Zee World - Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update

Meera excitedly waits to see Vivan’s household and panics that she can’t see something. Physician checks her eyes and says her eyes are nice and typically it takes time for eyes to get well. Meera falls asleep and goals a couple of man getting into holding gun and capturing her. She wakes up from sleep panicked and shouts she noticed somebody holding gun and capturing her.

Household assures nobody is right here, however she continues panicking. Physician asks her to shut her eyes and slowly open them. She closes and opens eyes and will get blissful seeing Vivan in entrance of her, says she can even meet donor’s sister. Vivan thinks his previous can’t hang-out him through Meera once more.

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Dolly walks out of hospital holding umbrella underneath rain when she sees temple girl there and reminisces girl warning that Vivan is a risk for Meera’s life. Vivan additionally notices her and will get into automobile with Meera. Meera asks the place are her mother and father. He says they’re making ready for her welcome at dwelling. Girl stands and notices them, trying tensed. Vivan drives automobile.

Meera speaks to him, however he doe snot reply. She performs music. He holds her hand and says he was ready to take his spouse dwelling holding her hand. He performs subsequent music Dekho naa..music.. He will get her out of automobile and sees Meera having fun with rain. He will get romantic and pulls hr in direction of him. She shies. He will get intimate… Vivan realizes it’s his creativeness. Meera leans on his shoulder. He sits nervously smiling at her. Meera sees dilapadated

home on the way in which and shouts at Vivan to cease automobile, there may be somebody in that home. Vivan asks if there may be ghost there, laughs and says there is no such thing as a one there. He continues that her thoughts is racing staying away from him, she has gone kamli/mad and thinks outdated home as haunted home, with him this haunted home will appear to be a cool villa.

She sees him sweating and asks what occurred to him now.
In jail, Sunny’s inmate taunts him how did he come right here. Sunny yells he won’t spare Vivan Kapoor. Man asks what did he he says, he’s additionally in jail due to Vivan who’s having fun with outdoors along with his spouse. Sunny says it’s Meera. Man says Vivan is married to Paromita who loves her immensely. Sunny thinks he discovered a muse to hurt Vivan.

Meera reaches dwelling with Vivan and sees a person carrying overcoat and hat strolling in direction of her room. She walks behind him and searches him. Man is available in entrance holding gun and shoots her. She will get afraid. Man removes can and divulges he’s Amar.

Amar greets her welcome dwelling.. Meera then prays god for returning Vivan in her life. Vivan sees her praying and hopes his previous doesn’t hang-out hello and Meera. Tujhme Rab Dikhta hai…music..performs within the background.

Dolly meets temple girl who does pooja on her purple guide and says there is no such thing as a change from final time, jodis are made in heaven and revealed on earth, over time Meera’s issues will enhance. Dolly prays Matarani to guard her daughter as she doesn’t know what sin Vivan did that Meera will endure, Matarani ought to shield each Vivan and Meera.

Vivan taking a look at Meera thinks he did some good deed in final life that he bought Meera, however is afraid he might lose Meera after she is aware of reality. Meeera thanks god for getting issues again on monitor.

She turns and smiles at Vivan. Tea boils. Vivan runs and switches off gasoline. He then hugs her.. Sona Sona itna bhi kaise tu sona..music…performs within the background. Meera shies and asks what if somebody comes. He says allow them to come, no one can separate them now.

He kisses her cheek whereas she shies extra. They half methods seeing Amar strolling in. Amar says Meera mustn’t go close to fireplace. Vivan says he’ll put together breakfast then and reminds Amar that he tasted his meals in Pind. Amar says nice and leaves.

Meera asks Vivan to present knife. He provides her knife. She holds knife and imagines a lady sitting on chair and taking a look at her.

Bridal Material On Zee World – Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update

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