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I Do On Zee World – Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update

I Do On Zee World - Tuesday 21st June 2022 UpdateI Do On Zee World – Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update

Razia rushedly comes out of the automobile, to save lots of seher from seeing sanam. dilshad is distraught, whereas razia forcibly drags her again within the automobile. Seher thinks that she feels that there was somebody from her personal connection in that automobile.

Razia and seher drive off. in the meantime, sanam finds the file that had fallen down after which drives off. Dilshad wonders what the lord desires, and that how lengthy he plans to play with the three of them, she and her two granddaughters.

Location: Occasion Venue
Whereas tanveer is requested by reporters, ahil is praised by tanveer for the success of this enterprise. ahil locations a shoulder towards tanveer as she tells about his success. Ahil is requested who’s behind this success of his, his mom or his spouse.

He says that it isnt crucial for one girl to be in his life for his success. tanveer is comfortable when he begins praising her, however then when he goes onto discuss sanam, additionally being behind his success, and she or he will get annoyed.

rehaan thinks that he may inform ahil in regards to the girl who he thinks is God, and really desires to smash his life. tanveer involves him, and he formally asks if she desires something.

she says that his anger is justified, and that with out his permission, he was despatched right here, and at present she gave all the credit score to Ahil, however once more expresses her helplessness, in not acclaiming him, as a substitute of ahil. she says that no matter she did, was for him, and to finish them, and says that lastly that is the day that they waited for, when ahil and sanam signal the property papers, in entrance of everybody, and that after that, he wont go wherever as a son canm be offended however not desert his personal mom. she asks him if he would go away her or not.

He asks what distinction wouldn’t it make, because the day that she wwaited for therefore lengthy has lastly arrived, and asks her to get pleasure from herself, and never trouble over him, as he isnt habituated to this care. He curtly replies that if she wants something, she will be able to inform him, and her want shall be her servant’s command. He leaves, whereas she is annoyed.

Whereas the celebrations are on in full swing, tanveer instructs azhar’s mother and father to take care that every part goes easily, and sanam isnt in a position to speak to ahil. Ahil is unable to get by means of sanam. tanveer comes and asks about whats he doing. He says that he was attempting sanam’s name.

Tanveer tells him that she is on her approach, as she simply had a chat with the motive force. An individual comes and congratulates ahil for his success. Simply then, sanam enters and ahil is mesmerised as he seems to be at her magnificence. they confront one another and eye one another overwhelmingly, as sanam is tensed.

Simply then the lights go off, after which once they come again, ahil will get annoyed as he finds sanam at a distance and never as shut as she was earlier. Azhar’s father tells tanveer that sanam is right here. She smiles evilly.

Simply as sanam and ahil attempt to come to one another, a bunch of dancers distract them, attempting that they dont meet. tanveer smiles evilly, whereas sanam and ahil tensedly eye one another. After the dance, they’re about to speak, when tanveer involves take ahil to speak to the mayor, who desires to see him, and insists that he come along with her rightaway.

Ahil leaves, whereas tanveer says that she would keep by sanam. sanam is tensed. tanveer asks her to get pleasure from today to the fullest. Dilshad too arrives within the hall, and rehaan himself wheels her inside, not understanding that its dilshad and takes her to the realm the place the occasion occurs. rehaan asks her to attend in order that he can get somebody to assist her out, discover whoever she desires to satisfy.

Dilshad hopes that she is ready to warn sanam earlier than razia tries her conspiracy with seher. Dilshad finds sanam strolling lonely within the foyer. From two totally different corridors, dilshad finds each the granddaughters approaching in the direction of her, whereas she helds out her palms for them.

The ladies nonetheless are oblivious that dilshad is within the veil. Dilshad is unable to scream to them. Seher identifies it as the identical lodge that rehaan was concerned in, and meaning rehaan can be round too.

however then she overhears the visitors speculating that rehaan should be there in one other enterprise assembly. She thinks that rehaan isnt right here and she or he ought to deal with her work.

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Haya and rahat too come and haya is comfortable to see the preparations. She finds seher and waves to her, however she is unable to recognise her, and haya is shocked that sehere didnt reply again, as she thinks that its sanam.

Seher leaves, whereas haya is boggled why sanam is ignoring her, and if she received to learn about their divorce. rahat is tensed too. haya thinks thaty she ought to have instructed her earlier, as she cant bear her anger. rahat asks haya to calm down, and if she desires to inform sanam every part, then they’d accomplish that collectively.

Sanam lastly finds ahil speaking to some visitors, and tries to go to them, however then herself will get engaged in speaking to them. earlier than sanam can speak to him, azhar’s father stoips her approach, who reminds her of what they did to her, and she or he says that she isnt fearful of them.

He then asks her to watch out for tanveer atleast, who can do something to, her sister, ahay, her mom dilshad or her husband ahil himself. She leaves tensedly. When ahil will get free and tries to go to sanam, he finds that she is gone.

In the meantime, razia takes seher by the wrist, and turns her round, and she or he will get offended. razia asks her to be on her work, and wait right here until she isnt instructed to maneuver, and that noone ought to eye her. Seher eyes her angrily, however complies. Dilshad manages to catch maintain of sanam’s hand, who stands tensed, who turns round surprisedly.

sanam turns round stunned as dilshad, in her veil catches maintain of her hand. She finds her wrists wounded, after which sanam asks dilshad who’s along with her. Dilshad factors out to seher, strolling round, however sanam is unable to see her. Ahil finds sanam attending to dilshad after which excuses himself from the visitors and Tanveer, to go to sanam, and Tanveer is annoyed.

Ahil searches round for sanam, who has gone to get some first help for dilshad. In the meantime, haya tries to get azhar’s mother and father to inform about sanam and she or he factors in a specific route. Haya stands beside Dilshad, oblivious that she is within the wheelchair.

haya notices her wounded palms too, and begins to bandage them along with her hankey, whereas dilshad tries to point out her seher standing at a distance. haya misconstrues that she is asking for water and goes to get some. dilshad is distraught. With nice issue, she tries to wheel within the wheelchair forward, however stumbles and her veil falls off.

She is then helped by seher, who helps her stand up, whereas dilshad is simply too shocked to react, whereas she is taken again to childhood recollections of seher, and the way she had misplaced her, after the bloodbath. she begins crying incoherently.

Seher tensedly asks if she is okay, after which drapes the veil round her, maintaining her face open, whereas dilshad eyes her overwhelmingly, with tears streaming down her cheeks. Seher asks her to not cry, as she would simply get water for her.

She begins to go, however dilshad holds her hand and makes her sit. seher agrees to not go wherever asking her to not fear. She will get water from the waiter. Seher thinks that she should positively be paralysed, when she doesnt transfer, and provides to make her drink herself. Dilshad complies.

Seher is giving water to dilshad, who eyes her granddaughter overwhelmingly, whereas oblivious that each the opposite daughters, haya and dilshad too are getting water and first help for her.

She is overwhelmed with feelings. Sanam is distracted by ahil, as she catches him speaking to somebody. She finds azhar’s mother and father busy in consuming, after which goes to speak to him, however is stopped by haya, who’s boggled to see sanam having modified gown. sanam asks her totake the primary help to the girl within the wheelchair, whereas she goes to speak to ahil after which would speak to her.

She leaves. haya is tensed. In the meantime, seher tells dilshad that she would get somebody for her. Dilshad is tensed as she covers her face but once more. as seher turns round, haya arrives and is shocked to see seher, who she misunderstands to be sanam who modified gown so all of the sudden but once more. haya tries to inform that she had simply gone there, and seher callously asks if she is along with her, and asks her why did she go away her alone. She reprimands haya saying that she was crying and had fallen down.

She leaves. haya wonders whats mistaken with sanam. dilshad wonders whats all taking place. She wonders tips on how to inform haya that she isnt sanam however seher. she thinks helplessly that her daughters are right here, and go away alone hugging them, she cant even name them endearingly. She is distraught.

Sanam finds ahil busy once more with tanveer and the photographers, and thinks that she has to ship message to ahil by some means, amidst the enterprise, and wonders who can she ship this message by means of, that tanveer and azhar’s mother and father dont doubt.

Rehaan sees sanam, and thinks that if sanam sees him right here, she would ask him thousand of questions, and he stealthily escapes from there. Seher in the meantime instinctively will get the concept rehaan is round, however then wards it off, asking herself to deal with her work.

Haya finds sanam within the foyer once more within the change of gown. haya asks sanam whats mistaken along with her, and why is she behaving so unusual. sanam asks her to deal with what she is about to say. sanam asks haya to get ahil within the hall by some means, as she has one thing essential to speak to him and that noone ought to get to know of it.

Sanam begins transferring in the direction of the hall, whereas oblivious that seher stands there along with her again in the direction of her. Dilshad remembers razia’s plan, and dilshad thinks that future has introduced the 2 sisters collectively and hopes that they each are saved from some calamity. haya goes after ahil, as soon as he’s free from the photographers.

She finds ahil questioning azhar’s father, about sanam, who wards off the questions. haya is tensed. she finds a waiter taking a cake, and she or he sends him off to their route they usually each are distracted by the meals. Ahil is left alone, and hay agoes after him.

Sanam in the meantime waits impatiently within the foyer, hoping that haya will get ahil right here earlier than tanveer will get them to signal the papers.

She remembers tanveer’s threats, and wonders what tanveer is upto, however is aware of that if she tells ahil every part, earlier than tanveer’s plan, she will be able to cease tanveer from spoiling ahil’s life. After ending the cake, azhar’s father is tensed that tanveer would kill him, if ahil will get to satisfy sanam.

In the meantime, rahat is tensed remembering faiz and haya’s situaion with him, and wonders that he has develop into egocentric for faiz, that he’s helpless in what he’s doing, and that he would find yourself hurting haya and his household, and wonders what to do now.

He doesnt discover haya wherever and thinks that she will need to have instructed every part to sanam by now. as rahat asks about sanam from latif, tanveer overhears and involves him, asking if he’s in search of sanam. rahat says that he’s in search of sanam, and however he cant discover sanam or haya or ahil. tanveer says that she would get all of them. rahat leaves. tanveer is set to do away with sanam by any means, as she is born with the identical audacity as zoya and asad.

Haya takes ahil apart and tells him that sanam is within the hall after which goes with him to take him to sanam. ahil begins to stroll forward with haya. As sanam searches by means of the packet, she is shocked to search out that its empty and after looking out round, when she doesnt discover it, she understands that the paper was within the automobile, and she or he received simply the packet.

She wonders what to do now. Ready within the foyer, sanam thinks that she must expose tanveer’s actuality anyhow in entrance of ahil. Sanam is set that she would inform ahil about her mom’s precise actuality, oblivious that tanveer has her dying deliberate, as she holds out a dagger to stab her, from behind.

However she wonders what she would do if ahil doesnt belive her with out proof.

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