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My Heart Knows On Zee World – Thursday 23rd June 2022 Update

My Heart Knows On Zee World - Thursday 23rd June 2022 Update

My Heart Knows On Zee World – Thursday 23rd June 2022 Update

Episode begins with Kalyani, Malhar and Moksh taking part in crackers. Malhar says jhinjhin jhinak…Kalyani holds Malhar from falling and takes him contained in the bed room. Pawar asks the sketch artiste to offer the sketch to Malhar.

Kalyani data her assertion within the digital camera that she is answerable for Aahir’s dying and used that boy to homicide him. Malhar will get Pawar’s name who asks him to see the sketch.

Malhar sees the sketch and tells that that is the commercial boy’s pic. Kalyani tells Moksh that his baba wouldn’t keep in mind something and he was within the affect of orange juice (wine). Malhar tells Pawar that the man fooled them for cash.

Moksh asks the place is she taking him? Kalyani says she is taking him far in order that he don’t have to cover his id infront of anybody, the place he don’t have to be locked within the storeroom. She guarantees him that he’ll get all of the alternatives which he deserves and he’ll turn out to be a giant man.

Moksh asks if extra large than Amitabh Bachchan. Kalyani says extra large than him. Moksh asks Aai fi, will you be with me? Kalyani stops the automobile and thinks no matter she is doing is for his betterment. Malhar feels his head heavy and thinks what did she add in kada. Anupriya comes there and asks what occurred? Malhar tells in regards to the heavy head. Anupriya says she’s going to deliver.

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Malhar will get CD of Kalyani for him and thinks why did she go away it for me. Sarthak comes there and asks him about Avni’s physician’s quantity. Kalyani takes Moksh to a hostel and tells him that the mattress is small, so she’s going to ask father to accommodate large mattress for him. She kisses him and goes out. Moksh sits down on the mattress to have icecream.

Malhar returns after giving drugs to Avni and thinks Kalyani haven’t come until now. He performs the CD. Warden asks Moksh to place the bedsheet on the mattress. Kalyani asks the daddy to ask warden to not be strict with Moksh. Father says warden needs to be strict with the children as we taught them to be self-discipline and powerful. Kalyani says I wish to meet him for final time.

Father says if warden sees you then will come to know that he’s DM’s son. Moksh adjustments the bedsheet and asks the place is my Aai fi? Warden says your Aai is left and it’s a must to keep right here with different children. Moksh says my Aai can go away me. Moksh runs out of the hostel and runs behind Kalyani’s automobile.

Watchman asks Moksh to go inside. Warden takes him inside. Kalyani cries whereas driving the automobile and stops. Moksh says I can’t speak to my Aai fi. Moksh opens the bag and retains his books within the rack. Meri Maa music performs……Kalyani shouts Pillu and cries. Moksh additionally cries. Warden comes there and asks Moksh to wipe his tears and to not cry.

Kalyani begins driving automobile once more whereas crying. Moksh additionally cries. Kalyani reaches Deshmukh’s home and hears Moksh’s voice. She runs inside. Anupriya tells Kalyani that she obtained her daughter and he or she is alive. Kalyani finds Mukku dressed as a woman. Anupriya says she is Sarthak and my daughter. Kalyani asks what occurred to Aai? Sarthak says she will’t be our daughter.

Anupriya says this was finished by Vivek. Aao Saheb asks why you might be blaming Vivek? Anupriya reveals the proofs recording, wherein Vivek tells that he has stolen Anupriya’s daughter and changed it with a lifeless woman, and gave Anupriya’s daughter to the lady, whom Mukku calls Amma. Sarthak shouts Vivek Deshmukh.

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He asks Aao Saheb if she knew about it. Anupriya tells {that a} mom can’t be flawed and every time she is close to her, she felt the connection. She says that is our daughter and reminds him of his desires for his or her daughter. Sarthak appears on hopeful.

Sarthak saying Mukku is my daughter. Mukku hides behind Kalyani. Anupriya asks Sarthak to offer her a while to just accept this variation. Anupriya tells Mukku that she’s going to keep in her room. She asks her to see if she likes the reward. Malhar says if Vivek Mama knew this then why did he cover this till now. Anupriya says if vivek wished then he wouldn’t have advised this and is perhaps considering that Sarthak will take again the case. Sarthak says he is not going to take again the case, however the brand new case shall be filed now.

Mukku talks to the Bappa’s idol and says they’re taking part in a recreation, Meena Kumari aunty requested me to be the woman. He says I do know to behave as a woman. Anupriya tells Kalyani that she requested Moksh to behave as Mukku, as she heard their dialog within the outhouse. She tells that she has change the sketch which the sketch artiste made, change the CD and likewise took Vivek’s assertion. A fb is proven, Anupriya tells Vivek that Sarthak goes to file a case in opposition to him and might body Pallavi and Godaveri.

She says you’d have considered Godaveri and says what she’s going to assume if she involves know. Vivek asks Anupriya to battle his case in opposition to Sarthak as no one will take up this case. Anupriya says Sarthak is my husband. Vivek says I begged infront of you and I’ll contact your ft. Anupriya says I’ll defend Pallavi and Godaveri and asks him to do as she says. Vivek agrees to file the assertion.

Kalyani asks why did you ask Moksh to behave as woman. Anupriya says this was the one technique to save Moksh and says you will have taken up the blame on your self, however I can’t see you punished. Kalyani says I can’t see my son residing a pretend life, says she desires to offer happiness to him. She says he’s a boy and don’t prefer to be a woman. She says he hates appearing to be a woman and that’s why I had despatched him to hostel, although he’ll get offended with me. She says we might have make him perceive later that it’s for his or her higher.

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Anupriya says did you ask Moksh what does he need? Moksh tells that he hates to turn out to be a woman, however he can turn out to be a rat, cat and many others to stick with his Aai. Kalyani says she don’t need Moksh to have trauma of changing into a woman. She says I’m his mom. Anupriya says I’m your mom and can take into consideration you too. She says he desires to be along with his household and also you wish to ship him to hostel.

Kalyani says could also be he’ll lose his confidence and scared little one, as a result of appearing of being woman. Anupriya says this is not going to occur and pleads together with her to let him turn out to be Mukku for now. She says we are going to do one thing. Kalyani says Malhar ji will at all times have that CCTV footage. Mukku says he’ll win the sport. Somebody hears them.

Moksh calls lab technician to do DNA take a look at finished. Avni asks him. Malhar says he don’t belief Vivek. Mukku says she is afraid and throws the injection down. Kalyani asks Malhar if he’s uncertain then she’s going to undertake Mukku. Sarthak comes there and says no want, when her Baba is alive. He tells that he talked to Vivek and likewise met the physician who has finished Anupriya’s supply. He says each of them confirmed the identical.

Pawar comes there and provides Aahir’s garments, says it has a letter too. Malhar reads it wherein Aahir is apologizing to him and asking promise from him to marry Avni if something occurs to him. He says Kalyani….Kalyani walks inside in shock. Avni takes the letter in her hand. Kalyani goes to room and cries. Ya rabba music performs…..

Mukku involves the room and finds Kalyani crying badly. He asks why are you crying and says I assumed to get offended and never speak to you, however I can’t be offended with you. He asks if she is crying as Police is marrying Avni and says I received’t let this occur. Sarthak tries to persuade him to marry Avni. Mukku comes there and scolds Malhar for hurting her Aai fi. Sarthak asks her to go. Anupriya involves room and tells Kalyani that Malhar is not going to agree for this marriage.

She says no one can keep in a loveless marriage and asks her to not fear. Kalyani wipes her tears and takes sindoor from the cabinet. Malhar tells Sarthak that he can’t give something to Avni, by marrying her, he can simply give her place to remain and nothing extra. Kalyani comes there. Malhar tells that he can’t marry Avni, even after promising Madhav. Kalyani reveals the sindoor and asks Malhar to fill in Avni’s brow.

She says I don’t know why this sindoor bottle is with me since 5 years and says it by no means left me, don’t know why I used to be hopeful. She says I couldn’t settle for that another person might need the suitable on it. She says now I perceive that greater than emotion is, duty. She says your baba, aahir and Kaka need you to meet your duty and asks him to fill Avni’s maang with sindoor.

Kalyani asking Malhar to fill Avni’s maang with sindoor and tells that it had by no means left her since 5 years, could also be I used to be hopeful and didn’t settle for that it might be of another person. She says she will now perceive that duty is extra large and asks him to go and fill Avni’s maang with sindoor. Malhar takes the bottle in his hand. Sarthak asks Malhar to return. Malhar throws the sindoor bottle on the bottom, asks if any movie is happening right here, that is the matter of Avni, your and my life.

Anupriya says Malhar is true. Kalyani says the matter is in regards to the child who’s in Avni’s womb, in case you don’t marry her then the child’s first world shall be illegitimate, says she don’t need the child to undergo the sensation which she had gone via. She says you was prepared to just accept her after I was not there, so assume that I’m lifeless in actuality. Moksh comes there and tells that she discovered one thing.

He asks Kalyani to tie the bandaid wherever she feels ache. She ties bandaid to Malhar additionally on his tshirt. Malhar says I can’t do that. Kalyani says you’ll not run away from the obligations. Malhar asks Sarthak to start the preparations of Avni and my marriage. Moksh asks Kalyani why is she unhappy, and asks how can Police marry a nasty girl. Sarthak asks her to not intervene and asks her to return with him. Kalyani breaks down and cries.

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Anupriya asks Kalyani why she desires to sacrifice her love for the woman who gave her simply hatred. Kalyani says desires may be stunning, however can’t be ignored. Malhar asks Pawar to ship Mukku’s pattern for DNA testing. Pawar asks Malhar if he’s getting married. Malhar tells that Kalyani desires to be nice and do sacrifice, Baba, Aahir and Kaka need the identical.

He tells that everybody desires him to meet their needs and asks Pawar if he shall salute him. Moksh sits within the water and tells that she desires bappa to meet her/his needs. Sarthak comes there. Anupriya says she is sitting within the chilly water.

Sarthak asks what does she need? Moksh/Mukku tells that she don’t need Police to marry dangerous aunty. Avni will get offended and asks Sarthak to deal with her, says don’t know what she’s going to turn out to be after grown up. Moksh says she is not going to turn out to be like her. Kalyani comes there. Sarthak tells that he’ll deal with her and asks Kalyani to not intervene of their household issues. He makes meals for Moksh.

Moksh asks Bappa to cease Police and dangerous aunty. She will get the odor of samosa and jalebi, will get up from the water seeing it, however thinks she is dangerous to overlook her Aai fi within the samosa and jalebi greed. Anupriya asks Sarthak to let Kalyani speak to her as soon as. Kalyani comes there and brings the water tub there.

She asks Servant to place water in it and asks him to deliver ice. Moksh asks what’s all this? Kalyani sits within the water tub. Moksh calls Anupriya and asks to ask his Aai fi to return out. Kalyani says till Mukku doesn’t come out of the water, she is not going to come out. Moksh says you’ll catch fever. Kalyani says let it come, I can’t come out from right here and sneezes.

Moksh will get up and comes out from water. He scolds Kalyani and asks her to return out. Moksh tells that her mannat broke? Anupriya says in case you ask from coronary heart then God will agree. Moksh says then Police and dangerous aunty’s marriage is not going to occur. Sarthak shouts Mukku. Anupriya takes her. Sarthak tells Kalyani that after Malhar and Avni’s marriage, they’ll go away from right here.

Kalyani comes out of the home. Malhar says come Madam. Kalyani asks what are you doing? Malhar tells that he’s doing his obligation and can fulfill his obligation for Avni too. He says you might be getting late for the assembly and asks her to go, says you might be getting late. Kalyani sits within the automobile…koi fariyaad performs…….

Later within the night time, Kalyani sees Malhar and her pic and tells Anupriya that she was considering that she’s going to discover her Pillu, then she got here to know that Malhar ji will not be married. She says I obtained hopeful that my household will full, and began dreaming, however…She says now I’ve to stay for Pillu. She tells that lever was pulled by mistake that day, he’s getting punished and has to stay lie’s life. Anupriya says bappa is not going to go away us alone, he’ll give us some signal.

Pawar calls her and tells that DNA report will come tomorrow. He asks her to tell Malhar. Kalyani will get shocked and says okay, I’ll inform him.

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