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Naagin 5 July 2022 Teasers

Naagin 5 July 2022 Teasers

Naagin 5 July 2022 Teasers

Jay deviously methods Veer and traps him inside a cage in order that he can kill his arch-enemy. Bani sees a speedy change in Veer’s conduct as he stops being dominating in direction of her. Learn Naagin 5 July 2022 Teasers on eExtra.

Friday 1st July 2022

When the Singhania household abducts Naina, Bani grows suspicious of them and trails them. Subsequently, as she finds Naina and tries to guard her, a lethal accident takes place out of nowhere.

Monday 4th July 2022

To be taught the which means behind the visions that they’re having since their assembly, Bani and Jay set out in the hunt for the temple they see of their visions. Subsequently, they handle to search out the temple in a dense forest.

Tuesday fifth July 2022

After studying the reality that Veer and his household are the ferocious eagles, Bani and Jay determine to annihilate them as soon as and for all.

Wednesday sixth July 2022

Bani’s grasp plan to kill the eagles takes an unpleasant flip when Jay goes lacking. The state of affairs goes south from there as Jay’s destiny repeats itself when Veer kills him. Fuming in rage, Bani unleashes her Naagin avatar and vows to wreak havoc.

Thursday seventh July 2022

Bani is shocked to be taught that she has killed Veer’s twin brother within the strategy of avenging Jay’s perpetrators. Later, Veer exhibits up and is devastated by the sight of his brother’s corpse, locks horns with Bani.

Friday eighth July 2022

Whereas struggling to regulate to her marriage with Veer, Bani wonders the place Jay could possibly be proper now. Quickly, a suspicious car drops off an unconscious Jay at a park and speeds away.

Monday eleventh July 2022

When Bani cunningly tries to inflame Veer to assault her, Mayuri takes benefit of the state of affairs and shoots an arrow at Bani. Nonetheless, issues take a stunning flip when Jay arrives and joins arms with Mayuri to kill Bani.

Tuesday twelfth July 2022

As Bani learns the stunning reality that Mayuri is an Icchadhari Morni, she makes a failed try and kill her. Subsequently, a really disgruntled Mayuri knits a devious grasp plan to place up Veer towards Bani.

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Wednesday thirteenth July 2022

Jay sneaks into the home amid-st Pankaj and Mayuri’s marriage ceremony celebration, he disguises himself as Mayuri. Nonetheless, his act of transfiguring into Mayuri turns ineffective when Veer senses the presence of a Naag in the home.

Thursday 14th July 2022

Hell-bent on slaying the ferocious Naagin within the mansion, Veer makes use of Tantrik powers to set a Rudraksha lure. Unaware of the vicious lure, Bani walks proper into it and unleashes her Naagin avatar to battle the illusions.

Friday fifteenth July 2022

In search of revenge for his brother’s demise, Veer heads together with his household to kill Jay. Issues take a stunning flip when Bani arrives simply in time to save lots of Jay’s life and uncovers the stunning revelation about Teer’s demise.

Monday 18th July 2022

Jay deviously methods Veer and traps him inside a cage in order that he can kill his arch-enemy. Subsequently, a depressing and tense ambiance prevails within the Singhania Mansion as Veer goes lacking and Aakesh arrives to wreak havoc.

Tuesday nineteenth July 2022

Whereas Jay lastly reveals his true intentions to kill Bani, Aakash drops Bani from his clutches to the bottom meaning to kill her however saves her from additional tragedy himself.

Wednesday twentieth July 2022

After seeing Veer not having the ability to management the facility of his malicious stone, Bani’s suspicion comes true that he’s an impostor and never Veer. With the assistance of the impost-er and Mayuri, Jay lays a malicious lure to swindle Bani’s energy.

Thursday twenty first July 2022

Aakash traps Bani in a magical spell and meets Jay to hunt additional recommendation on their subsequent plan of motion, Bani is puzzled to be taught that it isn’t Veer as he’s not sporting the ring she had given him.

Friday twenty second July 2022

Bani jumps out of the floating mansion and lands harmlessly. Alternatively, Veer is resurrected with the assistance of a malicious stone and reunites with Bani. Nonetheless, Shakura arrives to marry Bani and swears to kill Veer.

Monday twenty fifth July 2022

Jay provides a robust magical potion to Bani and will get her beneath his magical spell. Subsequently, she agrees to Jay’s each command in her trance-like state, and he deviously creates a state of affairs to infuriate Veer into killing Bani.

Tuesday twenty sixth July 2022

Bani sees a speedy change in Veer’s conduct as he stops being dominating in direction of her. And simply when plainly she is having a slight change of coronary heart for him, Jay tells her about his lethal plan of placing an finish to Veer’s life.

Wednesday twenty seventh July 2022

After Jay’s plan is ready in movement, Veer will get nearer and nearer to the lure.

Thursday twenty eighth July 2022

Bani furiously vows to wreak havoc upon the Singhania household for Noor’s demise however refuses to kill Veer.

Friday twenty ninth July 2022

Bani frees the girl who was being held captive within the cellar and presents her earlier than Veer. He will get emotional and teary-eyed upon being reunited with the girl.

Naagin 5 July 2022 Teasers

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